2018 Artist Workshops at Albany House Bed & Breakfast

Albany House hosts summer workshops for artists. Led by Deborah Meyer, multi-media artist and workshop instructor, this is her eighth year as the guest artist. She has taught fine art painting techniques for 16 years. Stimulate your creativity through the exploration of new mediums.  Artists with all levels of experience are welcome. For more information on Deborah go to  www.deborahmeyerpainter.com.

Workshops at our Albany Guest House start on Tuesday at 1:00 PM and end on Thursdays at 12:00 PM. Workshop size is limited to make sure you receive the attention you deserve. To secure your reservation for a workshop, call Albany House at 608-862-3636. A special rate of $85 per night for workshop artists ($170 for two nights plus tax) is available. Instructional fees for all workshops are $125 per artist.

2018 Workshop Dates

Essential Elements of Landscape | June 12 - 14

Understand and gain new insight into the composition of landscape - how to bring drama to your work. Explore the elements that make a landscape painting unforgettable, light, composition, and effective use of color, pattern of shadow and glints of sunlight.  Open to all levels of ability.
scroll painting by Deborah Meyer
Details of Nature | July 17 - 19

Learn how to use color mixing, composition, and brushwork to portray nature, tees, birds, and flowers. Create clean, beautiful paintings. The gardens at Albany House are magnificent in July.  I will be sharing new and exciting techniques to help you master the veins and texture in the representational portrayal of plants and flowers.
colorful tree painting by Deborah Meyer
Mixed Media Exploration | August 14 - 16
In using a variety of techniques to implement color, texture, shape, value, and mark making, the artists attending this workshop will explore the journey to effective mixed media painting.  Discover the joy and freedom of expression through shape and color.  We will combine medias and experience new and exciting techniques. Open to all levels of experience.

Plexiglass and The Transparent Surface | September 11 - 13

Plexiglass and mylar are surfaces that bring a new dimension to art.  Join us as we explore this substrate and prepare to be amazed.  This workshop fills up fast so register early.
mirror lake painting by Deborah Meyer