2016 Artist Workshops at Albany House Bed & Breakfast

Albany House hosts summer workshops for artists. Led by Deborah Meyer, multi-media artist and workshop instructor, this is her seventh year as the guest artist. She has taught fine art painting techniques for 15 years. Stimulate your creativity through the exploration of new mediums.  Artists with all levels of experience are welcome. For more information on Deborah go to  www.deborahmeyerpainter.com.

Workshops at our Albany Guest House start on Tuesday at 1:00 PM and end on Thursdays at 12:00 PM. Workshop size is limited to make sure you receive the attention you deserve. To secure your reservation for a workshop, call Albany House at 608-862-3636. A special rate of $85 per night for workshop artists ($170 for two nights plus tax) is available. Instructional fees for all workshops are $125 per artist.

2016 Workshop Dates

Tips, Techniques, and Tricks | June 7 - 9

In this workshop we will share ideas on how to create an interesting canvas that will enhance your painting experience. There are secrets in creating texture and pattern on your canvas that can take the simplest subject matter and give it new life.
scroll painting by Deborah Meyer
Painting Landscape | July 12 - 14

Join us as we share some tips and techniques that can help you give your landscape a new level of confidence. This workshop is for all levels of experience.
colorful tree painting by Deborah Meyer
Paint Water | August 9 - 11

Colored Pencil has become widely accepted as a serious medium in the art world - with no wonder. They encompass all that is good about a medium, portability, non-messy, light, fast, and the ability to leave the painting and return to it at will. In this workshop we will work with a watermedia underpainting to speed up the process and saturate the colors. The pencil finish becomes magical!
red flower painting by Deborah Meyer
Plexiglass | September 13 - 15

After discovering plexiglass as a substrate in 2010 it has become on of my favorite surfaces for creating art. The ideas and possibilities of plexiglass are limitless. Come and join the fun!
mirror lake painting by Deborah Meyer